Monday, January 10, 2011


I am going to pretend for a moment that I was asked to be included in the Hostess with the Mostess blog, b/c my party was so rockingly awesome. Alas, it was not. But I was in love with it!!
I knew basically this entire year I was going to do an Elvis/50's type theme. How could I not? They were born on Elvis' birthday! I would like to tell you that I had it planned for months and months. But, honestly, aside from the invitations, I pulled it together last minute in the week beforehand.

Well, hello Elvis!!

We decided just to do family. If we got into the friend thing, we were looking at lots of different circle, and lots of people. And honestly, no one really wants to come to these parties anyway. I designed and printed the invites myself. They were so cute. I photoshopped Jules in as Marilyn Monroe, and Josh in as Elvis. HeHe. (a small aside, I am OBSESSED with Marilyn Monroe. Loooooove her. Jules will def. be dressed as her one of these days)

Then I printed off a bunch of black & white pics of Elvis, Marilyn, and James Dean, with borders of black, teal, red, and pink. I then asked my mom to bring a bunch of old 45's, and I started decorating. I made garlands using string and clothes pins, and then used the remaining pics as table decorations. We even had a record player and played Elvis songs all day. We got plates and huge wall stick ups of Elvises, jukebox,and guitars from Party City. I knew in my head what I wanted, and it actually turned out just right! That NEVER happens!

record player!

Moi, with a coke float next to one of the large Elvis'

I then printed off a Happy Birthday sign using a fun, retro font, and put their names on the back (thanks Jake, for that idea)

bonus points for finding the babies!

Food was simple, really easy, and fun. I wanted to do a "50's diner" theme, so we did mini burgers (sliders), mini hotdogs, mini corndogs, fries, and a coke float station. I bought the cakes from Publix. They did a fun retro cake for us, and two smash cakes for the babes.

Aunt Nancy fixing a coke float! (yes, we had a soda float station)

Josh and Jules, of course, were the hit of the party. They were all dressed up in some HUGE cuteness: Jules as a sockhopper, and Josh as Elvis. I mean, honestly, you could just die at their cuteness. A downside of the party was that sweet Jules had a fever most of the day, so she was not a happy girl, bless her sweet heart. (of all days, jeez)

Note her DIY Saddle Oxfords

We had lots of family there, which I was orginally so upset about. I didn't think anyone would come b/c it was so close to Christmas. But, we ended up having a great turnout, and it was WONDERFUL!!

Josh did everything he was supposed to do as far as the cake mess goes. He got after it immediately and was all in it. Jules, however, was a dainty little thing and only got ONE hand dirty! So funny!

All in all, a wonderful time was had by all, and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day or a more perfect party (well, minus the fever) Happy Birthday Josh and Jules!!

If you want to see more pics, view the slideshow below!


  1. That is an AWESOME first birthday party!! =) I love the picture of josh at the end!!!

  2. Josh and his cake face!!! So funny!!

  3. Great theme! I can't believe you say you pulled all that together in the week before their birthday. You should be an event planner girl =) Jake's cake face made me LOL!

  4. You did an amazing job! They're going to loooove looking at these pics when they're older.

  5. Love these! The party was precious, very impressed:)

  6. I love it! They are too cute! I love Josh's Elvis outfit too. :)